How to Create Powerful Online Presentations Easily, Again and Again Without Paying  a Dime!

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Andre Myra Kotze Business Life Balance - Testimonial Raymi
– Raymi Rodriquez

Are you a Coach, Consultant or other Client Getting Entrepreneur?

Do you want to thrive in business and life. Make an impact while living your dream. And work 20-hours per week?

-You’re in the right place-

Andre & Myra Kotze

“They’re known as the business life balance experts in the online world.

Coaching entrepreneurs is their passion. Showing them how to thrive in business and life, while living their dream without working endless hours.

After they  built four businesses making  8 figure per annum offline. Fate stepped in to make them realize they were sacrificing everything that mattered to them. Their relationships, their health and their dreams.

They then created the Chilled Living brand to show entrepreneurs that it’s possible to make an impact and live your dream, without working endless hours.”

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It’s time to Thrive in your Business and Life!


  • You want to grow your business and make an impact.
  • You’d love to build strong relationships with your family, friends and business partners.
  • It’s important to you to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life doing what you’re passionate about.
  • You’d like to become independently rich  and have the freedom to work when you want.
  • You want to live, work and play on your terms without the stress and frustrations you’re feeling right now.

If you want to have any or all of that, we need to talk. Because with some strategic and tactical shifts in your business and life you can: 

  • Get your message out to millions and make a huge impact in the world.
  • Have the time to spend with your family doing the things you love doing. Dinner, movies, traveling.
  • Work less hours, make more money and enjoy living your dream.
  • Become the person you really want to be in your heart.
Our clients have made those shifts and the impact in their businesses and lives are huge.

Discover how having Business Life Balance helps people GROW THEIR BUSINESS and  LIVE THEIR DREAM 


  • Making more sales to high end VIP clients.
  • Spending more quality time with family and friends, and building stronger business relationships.
  • Helping more people change their lives.
  • Working less and living more.
Some are traveling the world because they’re making enough money and have the time to do what they truly love.


If you’d like to thrive in business and life working less hours then take a look at how you can work with us.

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“Passion and Freedom isn’t just an emotion… it’s a Philosophy”
– Andre & Myra Kotze